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We definitely have a soft spot for non-profits in our community.
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Spot Color Marketing believes that living an abundant, sustainable life here in Portland, Oregon is more than just access to fresh farmer’s markets, plentiful brewpubs, beautiful recreation areas and an enviable livability standard—it is also a strong commitment to community involvement.

For 14 years, Spot Color Marketing has quietly walked the talk by giving back to numerous local non-profits. Our current non-profit customers and partners include Schoolhouse Supplies, Oregon Entrepreneurs, and the legendary service organization Rotary Club International. We encourage you to contribute and give back right along with us to any of these exceptional programs.

Rotary Club International

Rotary Club is an international organization that promotes service in all aspects of life in order to make the world a better place. Their service and mission works towards supporting education and job training, increasing availability of food and clean water, improving health and sanitation, eradicating polio, and many other causes. Rotarian members truly exemplify the motto of the club, “Service above self”, a mantra that pushes people to put their community first. Being a worldwide organization, Rotary International boasts thousands of clubs worldwide and 1.2 Million Rotarians.

Spot Color accepts any work Rotary needs, but local clubs have a special place in our heart, especially since our very own Nicole Weber is the President of Portland New Generations Rotary Club…the newest and youngest club in Oregon.

Currently we are working on websites and marketing for Rotary offshoots as small as individual clubs and as large as the whole West Coast Zone, as well as creating and marketing Rotary Refresh, a membership program that helps attract and encourage younger folks to join Rotary. Currently we are working on websites and marketing for Rotary offshoots. We’ve created sites for individual clubs like www.pngrotary.org, the site for the state of Oregon www.isrotaryforyou.org, and the whole West Coast Zone (OR/CA) www.zone2526.org. We’ve also created and marketed Rotary Refresh www.rotaryrefresh.com, a membership program that helps attract and encourage younger folks to join Rotary. We are also helping the District with their PR campaign for the next 3 years….we LOVE Rotary!

Schoolhouse Supplies

Schoolhouse Supplies is an award-winning nonprofit that supports public education in Portland by giving students and teachers free classroom supplies. Their mission is to “serve classrooms in need by operating a volunteer-run Free Store for Teachers, which is stocked with supplies donated by the community.” Education is such an important part of our community, and it is incredibly important to make it accessible to everyone.

Schoolhouse Supplies does just that, and we love and support their cause fully. Spot Color updated their logos and branding for their flagship programs as well as  designed and developed a new website for them that they an easily update in-house. Check it out! www.schoolhousesupplies.org  This organization ROCKS!

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) is a non-profit organization that educates, supports, and advocates for our entrepreneurial community to accelerate business growth and employment opportunities in Oregon and Southwest Washington. OEN works towards fostering entrepreneurship in all forms and with all kinds of members, with an end goal of bettering the Pacific Northwest.

The OEN promotes, innovation, growth, success, and giving back—all values that resonate with us here at Spot Color, especially with ourselves being a small, entrepreneurial business. They have built a community helping emerging Northwest Businesses connect and grow, and this community is one that Spot Color Marketing is not only a part of, but works to contribute to as well by making an effort to work with other small and still growing businesses.

We created an infographic for them, which they use everywhere now to tell their story.

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