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Since 2001, Spot Color has delivered expert branding, marketing, and technology services to our clients. We are headed by creative and business savvy Nicole Weber, who took her vision from a telecommuting online company to our beautiful brick and mortar business in downtown Portland, Oregon. In-house, we are project managers, marketers, graphic designers, web developers, backend programmers, and copywriters. And we love what we do. We have won awards, but that’s not what motivates us to get to the office every morning. Our real reward is seeing the tangible growth of our clients’ businesses. Spot Color has grown year after year and we are always on the lookout for top creative talent. Let us know if you’re interested in joining our ranks by sending an email to spot@spotcolormarketing.com. Be sure to include your resume and links to your best work.

Executive Team

Nicole Weber, Owner of Spot Color Marketing

Nicole Weber

Owner, CEO

Nicole is the founder of Spot Color and has worked professionally as a graphic designer, art director and creative director since 2001. Her passion is leading the studio in shaping effective and powerful experiences that focus on increasing our clients’ market share. She has an intuitive ability to understand client needs and is a master connector. She is the President of Portland New Generations Rotary Club and is a frequent speaker on topics such as digital marketing and branding. Nicole graduated with a B.S in Graphic Design and Advertising from San Jose State. She is a native Oregonian and loves hiking in forest park and hosting parties!

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Sean Lucas, Digital Director

Sean Lucas

Vice President

Sean is a certified marketing professional for Google, Bing and Yahoo. He has over 11 years of experience as a digital marketing specialist. He has an extensive background in digital strategy and implementation. He’s lived and worked in China and has specialities in digital strategy, online marketplace development and ecommerce. Most recently he’s achieved sales & marketing accolades in eBay Motors and Google. He’s current in all trends and technologies with a deep understanding of best practices and requirements. His strategic approach to marketing and advertising, along with his understanding of all aspects of campaign management helps Sean make critical decisions that translate into positive ROI and successful execution of deliverables.

Nicole Weber, Owner of Spot Color Marketing

Maddy Bombardi

Marketing Assistant

Madeline has worked as a creative content writer for seven years, writing for diversesets of clients. Madeline received her Master’s degree in Journalism and Media Communication from Colorado State University, with a research focus on user interactions with mobile technologies. Madeline’s central attention has been growing brand messages by utilizing media research and market research. When outside of the office, you can expect to find Madeline hiking with her husband and pup, Cricket.

Sean Lucas, Digital Director

Bhuvnesh Aggarwal

Web Developer & Optimizer

Bhuvnesh has been working as a website designer and developer for over 15 years. As an experienced developer, he is able to build eCommerce and WordPress websites that are beautiful, functional, and mobile-friendly. His areas of expertise lie in website designing, website development, SEO, SMO, and Google Adwords. Bhuvnesh has a Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA) from a prestigious institute in Shimla, India. He lives in Portland and enjoys traveling to India to spend time with friends and family.

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