Spot Color Podcast #2

In our second podcast, Nicole and Melody discuss the “100 year client” prototype and the type of customers we love to build partnerships with....

Spot Color Podcast #1

Our first podcast is live! Check out our talk about the origins of Spot Color with Nicole and Melody....
Marketing Micro-Moments

Marketing Micro-Moments

Marketing Micro-Moments helps your business find customers in the moments when they want to do business with you most. When they break a shoe, or spill coffee on their only shirt before a big meeting. The intent to buy is high, and time is limited. Be there for your...
Best Times for Business on Social Media

Best Times for Business on Social Media

You want to make a bigger impact online for business, but you don’t always have a lot of time to post, so it just happens when it happens. Let’s not sugarcoat it, posting often and consistently is going to be the fastest way to see social engagement rise. Whether...

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